Justice Application 2021-2022

A Justice of the Judicial Council is a member of the Supreme Court of the United Students Government. As a Justice you will hear cases involving Students, Executives, Senators and club members of USG. When you are appointed to the position of Justice (by the USG President with the approval of the USG Senate) you are in Judicial Council for a “lifetime” until you graduate, resign or are removed for cause.

Your duty as a Justice will be to uphold the USG Constitution and make impartial decisions based on the facts of the cases argued before you. The decisions issued by the Judicial Council will have a substantial impact on students and issues surrounding USG and SUNY Buffalo State.

Justices may not serve as voting members on any USG committee or hold office in any of the USG member organizations.

To serve as a Justice you must be a registered undergraduate activity-fee paying Buffalo State student with a cumulative average of at least 2.75 and, once appointed, maintain a minimum cumulative average of 2.75. Students who are in their first semester at Buffalo State (and have no GPA yet) are eligible to apply and should specify this status in the "schedule" section of the application. First-semester students may be appointed as Justices on a probationary basis. Their grades will be checked after the first semester and all who meet the 2.75 minimum appointment GPA will retain their positions.

Current Year
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1. List any experience (classes, clubs, etc.) that you have that you feel will contribute to your participation in the Judicial Council
2. Have you ever participated in the United Students Government or any other form of student government? If so, please explain.
3. Do you belong to any campus organizations? If so, please list them and any official positions you currently hold in the organizations.
4. Why do you wish to serve as a Justice on the Judicial Council and what do you feel you can bring to the Council?
Please write out your current class schedule and other commitments (work, etc.) below.
Remember: The Judicial Council is a responsibility and a commitment. Please make sure that you can balance your time and serve effectively as a Justice.

Once you have submitted your application it will be reviewed by the Judicial Council and USG Officers. Your GPA elegibility will be confirmed by the college and you may be contacted for an interview, with the timing of the interview dependent on vacancies on the Council.

Thank you for your interest!