USG Senator Application - 2023-2024

The United Students Government of the State University College at Buffalo represents the interests, needs, and wants of the students at the college, while maintaining active participation in the community. To represent the students, USG has a body of student senators. Senators are voting members of the legislature who help connect with, commit to, and work for the students, as they experience their time here at Buffalo State.

To be a senator you need to be an undergraduate, activity fee paying student. You must have a cumulative average of 2.25 and be someone who is committed to being a student leader for all students. Students who are in their first semester at Buffalo State (and have no GPA yet) are eligible to apply and should specify this status in the "schedule" section below. The grades of any students appointed will be checked after the first semester and all who meet the 2.25 minimum GPA will retain their positions.

If you are appointed a USG Senator your term of office will run from the day you are appointed until the following May 31. Because the terms of all Senators and officers end on May 31 Senator applications are not considered late in the spring semester. Students who want to be Senators are always urged to apply to run in the annual election. Election applications open in February with polling in late March. Elected Senators serve during the following school year with a term of office running from June 1 to May 31.
Upcoming Year (Required)
Are you a Commuter Student or a Campus Resident? 
As a USG Senator you will serve on one of the standing committees which have been established and described in the USG Constitution in order to successfully deal with matters of concern to activity-fee-paying students at Buffalo State. All committees are required to meet once a week. These are the standing committees of USG:Budget – Chaired by the USG Treasurer, this committee oversees all income and expenditures of USG funded organizations, revises all written and unwritten financial policies, deals with all financial matters presented to the senate, and presents legislation pertaining to USG monies. Organization Relations - Acts as the primary liaison between USG and the member organizations through the individual Organization Representatives. Public Relations – Works with student media to foster good communication between USG and the student body. Chaired by the AVP for Public Relations. Rules and Regulations – Evaluates problems with or between USG organizations and the USG and assists in the drafting and establishment of constitutions by USG organizations. Recommends amendments and legislation to the USG Senate, and is responsible for maintaining the organization recognition procedures and records. Student Life/Campus Programing – Plans and executes student events and assists member organizations with their events
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Check below if you would also be interested in serving on Food Service Committee.
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After you submit your application you will receive an accepted/approved message in your email. This is only an acknowledgement that your application has been received, NOT confirmation that you are a Senator. You will be contacted by email by the USG Speaker Pro Tempore if USG wishes to interview you for a senate position. Candidates who are approved after the interview and a grade check are then presented to the Senate at a Senate meeting where they are allowed to speak and answer questions. This is followed by a vote to appoint by the senate body. You may receive a denied message if applications are not being accepted at the time you submit yours. This does not mean you cannot submit an application at a future time. If you have any questions about this application or procedure contact the Speaker Pro Tempore at: If you are applying during the summer break you should address questions to the Executive Vice President