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Preventative Dental Services

Weigel Health Center • (716) 878-6716

Hours: Monday 8AM to 3PM; Thursday 8AM to 5:30PM;
Tuesday & Wednesday hours begin at 8AM and end at 3PM or 5PM on alternating weeks.

The USG Dental Clinic provides low-cost basic dental services to activity fee-paying students at Buffalo State.

The clinic is staffed by Director Amy Roeder and other licensed dental professionals, as well as student volunteers who assist the professional staff.


  • Dental Exam (including Bite-Wing X-ray) and Cleaning
  • Teeth Bleaching


  • For a cleaning and dental exam appointment, undergraduate students are charged $15; graduate students pay $25.
  • Custom Tray Professional Bleaching is available for a $110 fee (added to the cleaning/exam fee).
  • Professional Teeth Bleaching strips are available for a $50 fee (added to the cleaning/exam fee).
  • Charges are subject to change


  • Appointments are required for all services.
  • There is a charge for missed appointments.
  • Call the clinic during the hours listed above to make an appointment.

The Clinic is closed during the Summer Session, and the Winter and Spring Recesses.

Address Weigel Health Center
1300 Elmwood Ave.
Buffalo , NY 14222
Phone Number P:(716) 878-6716
Fax Number F:(716) 878-6727